22 June

Leeds Entebbe Event: With Benny Davidson & Avraham Avner

  • 399 Street Ln, Leeds, LS17 6HQ, GB
  • 20:15 - 22:00

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Location: BHH - Street Lane
Cost: £3 book online and £5 on the door
Refreshments served
In conjunction with BHH, LJOY & Makor

An exceptional lecture by two people. One celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in captivity in Uganda. The other, an ex Mossad officer, collected the behind the scenes breathtaking story.

Benny Davidson
Was hijacked with his family to Entebbe while he was on his way to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in a coast-to-coast trip in the USA. His personal and emotional story of survival, sanity, and mental courage, in unbearable conditions, together with insights collected over the years, bring about an unforgettable, emotional and powerful event. Benny is a Hi-Tech veteran and entrepreneur in various fields. Active and volunteers in a number of non-profit organizations. Father to four children and lives in the Sharon district. In the last few years he chooses to participate and lead projects and ventures in welfare, education and culture, that are rendering good service for the community and individual.

Avner Avraham
Served 28 years in the Mossad – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. His connection to Entebbe begun when he curated the first exhibition on operation Yonatan. In the process of collecting the testimonials and materials Avner became the de-facto world expert for the subject. Avner composed the materials, interviews and meetings to a coherent narrative and visual, valuable and emotional experience. The spies and scheme stories that Avner collected unveil the behind the scenes stories and facts in an interesting, mysterious and imaginative encounter. Avner is a curator and a producer of exhibitions around the world. An internationally renowned expert in secret operations research and to adapt them into exhibitions (The Capture of Eichmann, Yonatan Operation and more)

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