The Challenges of Rebirth

August 18, 2016 Joshua Pomerance
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Mizrachi UK is the UK branch of the International Mizrachi movement. Founded in 1902, Mizrachi, was the only religious movement to partner with the Zionist enterprise. The name Mizrachi is a combination of two Hebrew words, Merkaz Ruchani – meaning a spiritual centre. Mizrachi’s role was then and remains today, to be a proactive partner and to take personal responsibility in contributing to the collective destiny of the nation of Israel through a commitment to a holistic and inclusive Torah approach to life.

We, at Mizrachi UK are focused on providing a space for people to develop their ideology through running top quality community-driven programming connected to the Torah of Israel, the Land of Israel and the People of Israel. We are driven by the core principle that ‘Torah should be at the centre of Zionism’. We believe that through this type of education the community can strengthen its Jewish identity and cultivate a strong and unwavering connection to the Land of Israel.

We have already built up a large number of partnerships with communities, schools and other communal organisations. We firmly believe that by working together with and as part of the communal infrastructure we are able to provide something fresh and exciting for the community. In the coming years we will be working with the community to strengthen it’s connection to Religious Zionism by offering exciting educational opportunities, learning trips to Israel, programming in schools and much more.

We believe that only through investing and developing what is already in the community will we be able to achieve our goals. Therefore, one of our prime focuses is to work with organisations like Bnei Akiva to search out future communal leaders and invest in them from the very beginning of their journey. We want to make sure that the future of the community is secure by developing those leaders and giving them the opportunities to grow, so that they can be a true influence on the whole community in the future.

Over the past two years we have already had packed speaker tours almost every month with guest speakers from Israel travelling across the country speaking to schools, shuls and business people. We have filled cinema halls with people coming to watch the latest films coming out of Israeli Universities and our schedule of events is becoming filled with more and more programmes.

As Mizrachi UK grows over the next few years we wont forget the most important thing of all, that we are an organisation focused on supporting, educating about and protecting our heritage, the Torah of Israel, homeland, the State of Israel, and our nation, the People of Israel.


Mizrachi UK